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The Basics

What is Sprinting?

Sprinting is essentially a driver and car, competing against the clock, on a pre-practised course. Cars will start one at a time, from a standstill at 30 second intervals, so you won't encounter other vehicles to collide with. The average course is approx 1.7 miles long, which helps to keep stress on the car to a minimum. Normally you will be given a chance to walk the course, then drive it behind a pace car, before getting a practice run in the morning, followed by timed runs into the afternoon. Times are displayed after you cross the finish line and results are published throughout the day with an awards presentation once the runs have been completed.


Who can enter?

Anyone with a valid full driving licence is welcome to take part.


Do I need some sort of competition licence ?

Events are run under an independent organisation, a competition licence can be purchased for £5 for the day or £15 for the year. An MSA competition licence is not required for our events.


Do I need to wear a helmet ?

Yes you will need to wear a helmet during the event, open top vehicles are full face only whereas closed roof vehicles can be either full or open face. Helmets are checked during scrutineering, we specify that they must be in a good safe condition and suitable for the activity. We do not enforce any one particular standard as there are a lot to choose from and it confuses the issue, if you are unsure then please ask before the event.


What if I’ve never done any motorsport before?

The diverse nature of the competition means the experience is as intense or as casual as you decide to make it for yourself. Whether you want to compete with the big boys at the front or simply want to have some fun in your road car you’ll find there is always someone in the same position as you. We have tried to arrange the class structure so that there is always someone in a similar position as you to compete against.


Is my car suitable?

All vehicles are welcome to enter (subject to organiser approval), just so long as they meet safety and noise emission requirements. It is a requirement that all vehicles pass a static noise test of 102dba and the corresponding driveby. As a general rule, your car needs to be up to MOT safety standards, should be in good condition and well serviced. Convertible and open top vehicles must have sufficient practical roll over protection in the form of roll hoops, roll bar or a roll cage. All vehicles will be scrutineered before signing on to make sure they are safe and mechanically sound, safety is paramount so please ensure you meet these standards.